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Fix My House!

Our team can evaluate the situation and determine the most cost-effective course of action.


We are open for business, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. We at Saber are practicing physical distancing at this time.

Foundation Repairs in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Saber industries Inc. is one of the largest foundation repair companies in Manitoba, working on both residential and commercial buildings. Saber Industries Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and continues to operate under the same management. Saber has over 25 years of experience within the foundation repair field. We perform very little new construction but specialize in structural repairs in Winnipeg and surrounding areas such as underpinning, lifting houses, wall bracing, wall replacements, waterproofing, drainage systems, and basement floor replacement. We deal with:

Cracks in foundation walls

Shifting houses

Sticking doors

Cracks in the foundation

Wet basement floors

Window well installations

Telepost adjustments

Heaving basement floors

Innovative Solutions

Saber Industries Inc. works in conjunction with numerous engineering firms for both residential and commercial properties. Saber Industries Inc. is also a member of the engineering society, Better Business Bureau and National Air Barrier Association.

Whether you’re looking for immediate concrete wall bracing or a quote on waterproofing your basement, Saber Industries Inc. is prepared to help! All of our installations are backed by warranty!

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