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Fix My House!

Our team can evaluate the situation and determine the most cost-effective course of action.


We are open for business, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. We at Saber are practicing physical distancing at this time.

Raise and level buildings  in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Raising the foundation of a home is a big job with significant costs involved. That being said, it’s an effective measure to help avoid recurring flooding or when stabilizing your home to ensure it retains its resale value in the years ahead. When you call on Saber Industries Inc. for our house levelling expertise in Manitoba, we execute the task with confidence. Our team understands the pressures involved and knows how to protect your property and structure in the best way. Whether you’re adding a new floor as part of your renovations, or you require a permanent fix for those ugly surface cracks, Saber Industries Inc. delivers cutting-edge solutions.

Signs you may require our services:

Sticking windows

Drywall cracking

Floors sloping

Sticking doors

Chimney slanting

Unlevel basement

Raising and levelling a residential property isn’t a do it yourself project. Get the support you need by getting in touch with our crew.

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