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Fix My House!

Our team can evaluate the situation and determine the most cost-effective course of action.


We are open for business, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. We at Saber are practicing physical distancing at this time.


Our equipment is designed for the installation of piles under existing foundations and inside buildings. 

To install any type of underpinning is considered a structural repair and will require certified drawings as well as a building permit. Saber Industries Inc. is always willing to obtain each of these but, the customer is welcome to do so themselves as well.

We always take laser readings prior to underpinning for absolute accuracy. Our underpinning is designed to stabilize the downward movement of the foundation, with piles of 16 inches across and driven 25 feet into the ground.

Back in the 1980’s, a typical pile for a residential property was 16’’ x 20’ deep. After Saber Industries was Incorporated, Saber changed the normal pile depth to 25’ or, an auger refusal. This was done because some of the houses that were underpinned in the 1980’s were showing more signs of movement than acceptable. Movement on a 25’ pile is very minimal. With Saber Industries Inc. equipment we can install any pile size from 16’’ to 36’’ in diameter. For confident underpinning in Manitoba, we’re the team to call.

Finally, we fill in empty areas and use clean stone backfill to reduce lateral force on the walls.

The benefits of underpinning include:

Preserving structural integrity

Stabilizing your home

Permitting a thorough inspection of the building

Increasing the property value

Protect your home and your personal safety. Learn more about our sump pit installation services.

Laser Reading

To allow us to determine the current levelling of your home with precision, Saber Industries Inc. trusts laser reading. Laser levels are typically mounted on a tripod, taking human error out of the equation and providing fast and accurate measurements. This technology allows up to be quick yet efficient when determining the level of your home and planning for its correction.

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